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Qadir Bux Bedil Library, Shikarpur

Originally in 1873, “Friend Society Reading Room” was set up as a library at Lakhi Gate, Shikarpur. Later on, the name was changed as “Narayan Jagannath Library” to perpetuate the memory of Rao Bahardur Narayan Jagannath, a Maharashtra Brahamin, who came to Sindh in 1861 as Assistant Educational Inspector and was elevated to the post of Deputy Educational Inspector. At certain stages, he also held the charge of Educational Inspector in Sindh, a position rarely given to the natives. During those days, he took keen interest in the progress of the Library at Shikarpur.

After national independence in 1947 and creation of Pakistan, the Library was called Municipal Library. On 02-05-1988, Culture Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi took administrative control of the Library and named it “Kadir Bukhsh Bedil Sindh Government Public Library” in memory of the most celebrated poet of the Upper Sindh. The Municipal Committee Shikarpur endorsed the Government decision, in the greater public interest.

The old historical building of the library, situated near old City Magistrate Office on the road leading to the Railway Station, was constructed in 1876 by the public subscription and generous donations by Shikarpur Municipality and the Local Board. In 1938, the old structure was dismantled and the same year another building was erected at the cost of Rs.50,000.00. Again in 1977, construction of new building was approved and constructed by Shikarpur Municipality with the financial assistance of the Evacuee Trust Property Board Sindh at total cost of Rs. 148,000. The opening ceremony of the new building was performed by the Kazi Abdul Kadir, the then Political Secretary in Z. A. Bhutto regime.

Recently, one big hall was constructed by the local MPA funds. Two small halls, one for children and another for ladies were constructed by Culture Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi.

Collection of Books and Periodicals
This library has a collection of 24,083 books in all, including 1920 for children, mainly in Urdu, Sindhi, Arabic, English and few in Persian.

Besides, 28 daily Newspapers and 27 periodicals in Sindhi, Urdu and English are provided in the library for regular readers / visitors.

Facilities and Services
The triangular auspicious building of the library comprises three (3) big halls, two (2) small rooms, a large verandah and four rooms, a public lavatory and a big garden in the backyard of the building. Hall ‘A’ accommodates Newspapers Reading Room, Hall ‘B’ serves as Student Reading Room and Hall ‘C’ accommodates Stack in reading area. There is a separate section for children library.

Available space in the library is rented out for local literary and educational function on nominal charges. Historically, the library building served as a meeting place for literary activities including debates, public lectures and other functions.

Standby Generator facility is not available in the library due to which the readers / visitors face difficulties during power load-shedding hours which, unfortunately is a regular feature in the country these days. However, the purchase of one generator is under process at Secretariat level which is expected soon.

Visitors / Membership
Approximately 350-400 readers visit the library daily. All citizens are entitled to use the library facilities free of cost. However, the national ID (CNIC) is generally sought / checked off and on to ensure safety and security of the readers / visitors.

Timings / Off Days
The library timings are from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily on all working days. The library remain closed on Sundays and other public holidays.

Contact Us

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