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Shamsul Ulema Daudpota Library, Hyderabad

Sindh Assembly passed a resolution on 30-01-1951 for establishment of a Provincial Public Library at Hyderabad. Owing to non-availability of accommodation, the public library was started as housed in NJV High School, Karachi. In 1962, it was brought to Hyderabad and temporarily housed in a Hall of Sindh Muslim College Hyderabad. In 1965, a new building was constructed in its present premises with the name of Sindh Provincial Library Hyderabad.

In July, 1971, when the heirs of Dr. Umer Bin Muhammad Daudpoto donated his books collection, along with the furniture and other accessories of the great scholar of Sindh, to this library, the Government of Sindh was pleased to change its name after Dr. Daudpoto. Hence, the library was named as “Shamsul Ulema Daudpoto Sindh Government Library” by Education Department Sindh.

At the time of bifurcation of Education Department, the control of all Public Libraries was shifted to the newly established Culture Department, Government of Sindh, in May, 1986. Since then the library has been functioning smoothly under the administrative control of Culture Department, Government of SindhThis Public Library serves the reading purpose to the General Public, Readers, Scholars, Researchers and particularly students without any discrimination and caters free reading services right from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM without any kind of break. Around five to six hundred visitors of all type are using this Library with the provision all the necessary facilities.

Collection of Books and Periodicals
From the point of collection of books, this Library stands at No.3 after Liaquat Memorial Sindh Government Library Karachi and Sachal Sarmast Library Khairpur Mir’s.

The library has a collection of 91,000 books mainly in Sindhi, Urdu, English and few in Arabic and Persian. There are around 5,000 books for children.

Besides, 29 daily Newspapers and 55 periodicals in Sindhi, Urdu and English are provided in the library for regular readers.

Facilities and Services
The various sections / halls of the library include Three Main Reading Halls, Oriental Section, C.S.S Section, and Children and Ladies Section. Besides, there are Daily Newspapers Section, Periodicals and Magazines Section, Stack Section, Book Binding Section, Cataloging and Classification Section, Computer Section (with internet facility), Administrative and Accounts Section.

Visitors / Membership
Approximately 500-600 readers visit the library daily. All citizens are entitled to use the library facilities free of cost. However, the national ID (CNIC) is generally sought / checked off and on to ensure safety and security of the readers / visitors.

Timings / Off Days
The library timings are from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. daily on all working days. The library remain closed on Sundays and other public holidays.

Contact Us

Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Department
7th Floor, New Sindh Secretariat Building No.1 Karachi
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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