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Cultural Centers

Culture Department, Government of Sindh, is bastion of all cultural activities in the province. It coordinates, organizes and facilitates cultural programs and provides information and assistance to artists and cultural organizations. Collectively, these efforts result in a broad range of artistic and cultural opportunities for our residents and visitors.

Presently, the department has following cultural facilities: The most important facilities are three (3) Cultural Complexes on the shrines of great mystic (sufi) saints / poets of Sindh-Bhit Shah Cultural Complex at the shrine of great sufi poet of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai; Sehwan Cultural Complex near the mausoleum of Usman Marvandi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Sachal Cultural Complex Daraza Sharif near the tomb of Hazrat Abdul Wahab Sachal Sarmast. All these complexes have an open air theatre, library, and museum galleries.

A network of development schemes of Cultural Centres have been set up in various cities / towns of the province such as Thatto, Sanghar, Benazirabad, Umer Kot, Sukkur, Tando Allah Yar. Most of these centres are still under construction.
There are two Open Air Theatres of the department. One is established in Khairpur while the other in Larkano. Both are providing cultural activities and entertainment for the general public.
There are three (3) Auditoriums viz. Mumtaz Mirza Auditorium in Sindh Museum Hyderabad and one auditorium each in Liaquat Memorial Library Karachi and Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Library Larkano.

Arts Councils are generally considered to be the hub of cultural activities. The department supports and facilitates Arts Councils, set by the civil society such as the one in Karachi and another Larkano, to healthy cultural activities in the province. However, Mehran Arts Council, Latifabad, Hyderabad is directly managed and controlled by the department. A Music School has been set up in this place in 2011. In order to further encourage and promote cultural and literary activities at grassroots level, Culture Department plans to facilitate setting up of Arts Councils by local communities of scholars, writers, poets and artists at each district of the province. In this regard a public advertisement has been published in leading dailies to invite interested organizations and groups to set up Arts Councils at District level.
Inspiring Ideas and Entertaining People Sindh is one of the oldest civilizations on earth. It has thousands years of history in religious and social festivities, diverse cultures and much more. The existence of colorful cultural activities in our society reflects our liberalism and progressiveness. It entertains to spectators and enriches the experiences of local tourists and foreigners visiting our province.
Sindh is home to vibrant and exciting cultural activities which can be witnessed in all parts of the province. Culture Department, Government of Sindh, organizes cultural events, programmes, festivals, etc. in various towns / areas of the province in its auditoriums, open air theatres, arts councils, museums, galleries and more importantly in cultural complexes on the shrines of famous sufi saints / poets. Besides, the department supports civil society groups and art related organizations in arranging cultural and literary events in the province. All libraries and museums, under the administrative control of the department, also serve as mini cultural centers in their domain.
Government of Sindh has a long history as patron of the arts. Through Culture Department, it recognizes, supports, and celebrates the creative work of artists and the diversity of artistic expression within the cultural community, which includes fine crafts, literary, visual, media, and performing arts. The work of artists lies at the foundation of the culture sector. The department recognizes that involvement in cultural activities contributes to the social, economic, educational and spiritual life of a community.
The Calendar of Cultural Activities of Culture Department is replete with musical programmes, literary conferences, festivals, competitions of cultural activities, etc. From July 2010 to June 2011, Culture Department organized / supported 61 cultural events. The political and administrative leadership of the department believes in professionalism and excellence. Accordingly, a calendar of activities has been chalked for next six months.